[Manga] April Wrap Up!

 Hello, people of Earth! Today I’m here with my second monthly manga wrap up, and even though I didn’t read much, I hope you guys enjoy this!
  1. Goth by Otsuichi & Kendi Oiwa (illustrator)

3678413Honestly, I don’t even know why I thought reading this would be interesting or a good idea. No, wait, I actually do! This manga randomly appeared on my goodreads recommendations and I was like:“this looks interesting” and I clicked it, and I read someone say something about gore, horror and creepy stuff and well, that’s pretty much why I decided to give it a try. But guess what, guys. It didn’t work for me. The only thing I liked about this was the mystery solved at the ending. Nothing else. Why? Because it didn’t make sense for me, like, what was the point of this? I’m still lost. And if you’re wondering about the gore well, I don’t know, this wasn’t that “horrifying”, it does have strong stuff, but I expected worse, to be honest.

Rating: ★★★★


  1. Gangsta (Volume 3)by Kohske

17706584Oh God, guys, this volume brought all the feels to my soul! On this volume, we got to see flashbacks about Worrick and Nico’s past; how they met each other and whatever whatever–and I just couldn’t help myself from screaming and wanting to cry. But besides that touchy back story, we also get to see how shit is starting to get real with the twilights. Really loved this volume and how everything developed!

Rating: ★★★★★

  1. Gangsta (Volume 4)by Kohske

17706591Can I just say that shit is starting to get real and nothing else? No? Well, ok, I completely loved this volume and I can’t deny it. I love seeing how Al’s relationship with W and N is developing and meeting new characters! Everything was great! But in the end, shit got real, and I can’t wait to start the next one!

Rating: ★★★★★


  1. Attack on Titan (Volume 19)by Hajime Isayama

18363260Guys, this series is ending. Guys, I don’t know how to review this. Guys, shit has gotten way too real and this was way too intense for my life. I DON’T NEED THOSE CLIFFHANGERS OR ANYTHING, YOU KNOW! Things just got. . .wow. This is just fucking brilliant.

Rating: ★★★★★


  1. Tokyo Ghoul:re (Volume 6)by Sui Ishida

28218602Like with that 19th volume of Attack on Titan, this volume was also fucking brilliant. Sui Ishida is finally showing us more things and ah, everything it’s just so painfully beautiful I can’t even express myself right. ALSO, I actually finished this volume and the AoT one like a month or two ago, BUT, since I added them now on April to my read shelf, I decided to include them and cry. I’m loving every second of this beautiful manga and I can’t deny it, good bye.

Rating: ★★★★★

  1. High School of the Dead (Volume 1)by Daisuke Sato and Shouji Sato (Illustrator)

85725611I randomly decided to read this first volume and see how it went, since I loved the anime, and I just realized that it didn’t went how I expected. Why? Well, the story was fine and the way it developed and everything else, but the art was somehow confusing and it hurt my eyes to read these first few chapters! But besides that, I still enjoyed it, and I think I will continue fighting zombies with this series. . .

Rating: ★★★★★

And that’s it! Have any of you read any of these? If so, feel free to come and cry with me about them, if no, WHY NOT?! If you like suffering, I’m sure you’ll enjoy them! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed these “mini reviews”!

Thanks for passing by & reading! x





4 thoughts on “[Manga] April Wrap Up!

  1. Omg where has this blog been my entire life. I simply love manga and I see this blog! 😮
    Tokyo Ghoul has such a tragic and deep storyline that sometimes I don't know whether to cry or start banging my head on the wall. Cause the main protagonist.. he never seems to catch a break. T_T & YES THE ART IS SOOOO BEAUTIFUL.


  2. Oh, I was hoping I hadn't missed a Manga wrap up between months! Yay for coming to see your blog just in time for another! *cheers self* So I'm not reading ANY of these mangas, and I'm not sure if I will since they don't really sound like my thing (I'm eternally curious about Attack on Titan, but I did give that one a go last year and it was a little scary for me! *laughs* I'm not great with gore/creepy stuff, and that- whilst interesting- was a little too much for my tastes)- I think you probably like darker manga in general? Whereas I find myself reading mostly shojo.

    It sounds like you've been going pretty fantastically with your manga reads this month, though, with Gansta winning many of your stars, as well as TG and AOT. I'm glad you've had so many A+ reads! Have you, by any chance, read Let Dai? I picked up volume 1 and 4 at a bookfair and wasn't a huge fan after the 1st, so am not sure if it's worth continuing. Any ideas?


  3. Hey, Seashell! Well, that's actually a pretty good question! I suppose it was hidden from you, because of so many feels? Ok, maybe not because of that, but who knows?!

    Yes, I feel your pain with Kaneki! There's always something new to torment him with! And yes, Ishida Sensei's art is gorgeous! Thank you so much for passing by & commenting! I'm really glad you enjoyed finding my blog! Hope to see you around! x



  4. Thankfully, you didn't miss it, Romi! Haha, yes, I'm pretty into reading dark/gorey/action packed stuff! And I feel you about being scared with Attack On Titan, at first, I was like “WhAT THE F%@#!?”, but then I got the hang of it and I've suffered all the way 'til today with the series!

    Yes, last month's reads were pretty good and yes, I am loving Gangsta, TG:re & AOT! Sadly no, I've never read (or heard about) Let Dai, sorry :c But you should still give, at least, the second volume a try and see if things get better!



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