[Gaming] Thief Review!


Hello, everyone! No, you’re not crazy, YOU ARE seeing another game review! Something like six months later after my last game review, I’m finally here to talk about “Thief”, which came out on 2014 and was produced by Eidos Montreal and published by Square Enix! Before I start blabbering about this game, I’d like to say two things. One: I have not played the other games from this series that came out before this one; Thief: The Dark Project, Thief: The Metal Age, and/or Thief: Deadly Shadows! In other words, I’m new to this series and since I’m retarded, I started it with the last game that came out so. . .I mean, I read somewhere this was a reboot, but still, bear with me. Two: I thought this game was just going to be stealth and steal, but man, was I wrong…

Summary: Garret, the Master Thief, steps out of the shadows into the City. In this treacherous place, where the Baron’s Watch spreads[Gaming] Thief Review! a rising tide of fear and oppression, his skills are the only things he can trust. Even the more cautious citizens and their best guarded possessions are not safe from his reach. As an uprising emerges, Garret finds himself entangled in growing layers of conflict. Lead by Orion, the voice of the people, the tyrannized citizens will do everything they can to claim back the City from the Baron’s grasp. The revolution is inevitable. If Garrett doesn’t get involved, the streets will run red with blood and the City will tear itself apart.

Garrett never paid the price for anything…until now.

Things I loved about it:

  • Plot/Story: I have no idea if this story is connected with the one from the previous games in any way, but I really liked it! I found very good and original the way Garret had to stealth and steal his way through the city after what happened at the beginning to save everyone from what’s coming. This game was nothing like I expected, but it sure was intense and fun (especially when the guards and dogs noticed you, ugh). Something that I loved about it was the fact that you could play each mission in one of these three: ghost mode (alerting no one), opportunist mode (using your surroundings to hide in the shadows and/or distract enemies) and predator mode (where you pretty much knock out and kill everyone you see). And in case you’re wondering, yes, I went predator mode, but only around the last missions, the rest were done in opportunist mode, I’m not that savage. . .not in this game anyway.
  • SettingI completely loved this gloomy, gothic, victorian and steampunk setting called The City we got to run through throughout the game! I found it so dark and creepy, it was the perfect setting to run through ceilings, hide in shadows and stealth your way through while doing your job as not a thief, but a master thief. This setting also gave a small Dishonored vibe, because there was also a plague making the city fall apart.
  • Graphics: The graphics from this game were completely amazing! The City looked great, the characters looked great, our enemies looked great; EVEN THE FLOOR LOOKED GREAT! They were 10/10.
  • Characters: Every character we get to meet through this game is either likeable or detestable, and for me, they were mostly detestable, except Garret of course, you can’t just detest the master thief.
                   a) Garrett: Our master thief right here was great, and I loved to see how after a year of being “out” of The City, he went back and started learning and discovering everything about what happened, was happening, and what could happen if he didn’t stop what was coming.
                   b) Erin: At the beginning of the game, we get to meet Erin, an orphan who Garrett has known since she was young and ended up becoming close to; helping her, training her on his thief-y ways and such, but she’s different. She’s a thief, but she’s also an assassin, and she was with Garrett the last time he remembers being in the city. Her past isn’t that pretty, but her future really isn’t any better. And believe me, this girl right here plays a really important part on this game.
                  c) Basso: Who’s one of Garrett’s closes allies, and is the one who helps Garrett get to know and understand what he’s missed all this time and what is happening around The City.
                  d) Thadeus Harlan: This. . .human. . .was a nightmare. Thadeus Harlan, also known as the head commander of The Watch is not one of the guys that want you dead, HE IS the guy that wants you/Garrett dead for many, many reasons. He is a nightmare. He will stalk you. He will annoy you. And he will try to kill you. In the end, you’ll hate him.
                  e) Orion: Orion’s a character that you get to meet through Basso. He asks you to do some work for him; steal this and such stuff only the Master Thief can do. And in the end, he ends up being someone you could’ve never expected.
                  f) Enemies: Almost everyone on this game is or ends up as your enemy. You get the watch officers, their dogs and birds (that give away your position if you don’t stealth your way pass them), desperate people and sick people with the plague. They’re not many, but they surely are annoying and still as deadly as they can be.
  • Plot twistsThe plot-twists from this game were pretty surprising and good, especially that one at the end. I really enjoyed each one of them and how they changed the way the game developed and how things got revealed.

Things I hated about it:

  • Erin: I didn’t really hate her; she was just annoying. By the end of the game, you’ll understand why.

Overall, I really enjoyed this game and if I were to rate it from 1 to 10 stars, I’d definitely give it a beautiful and well deserved 9. If you’re looking for a dark stealthy game full of action and mystery at every corner, this is definitely the one for you! Now, I read somewhere that there was going to be a sequel and honestly, I can’t wait to see what’s coming next for Garrett after that intense ending!

Thanks for passing by & reading, hope you all enjoyed this after like 6 months of nothing! X



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