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[Weekly Book Meme] WWW Wednesdays – July 19th, 2017.

WWW Wednesday
is a book meme that was formerly hosted by MizB @ A Daily Rhythm and revived at Taking On a World of Words by Sam.

The Three W’s are:
⇾ What are you currently reading?
⇾ What did you recently finish reading?
⇾ What do you think you’ll read next?


I am currently reading:

  • Burning Bright by Melissa McShane: this book is going way slower than I thought it would. I’m only 20% in and it’s good and interesting and I can’t wait to continue reading and see all these extraordinaries in action in the Athena
  • Unhidden by Dina Given: since “Burning Bright” is kind of slow, I decided to start this one this week and I can’t say much about it since I’m still at the beginning, but I hope it doesn’t suck!

I recently finished:

  • I haven’t finished anything ever since I finished The Falconer so yeah. . .nothing here.

Next I think I’ll read:

  • The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski: this is the first book on The Witcher series and I’m all kinds of excited to start reading this series! As soon as I get to finish one of my current reads, you’ll see me diving right into this baby. I can barely even control my hype! 

And that’s it for this week! What have you guys been reading lately?

Thanks for passing by & reading! x



5 thoughts on “[Weekly Book Meme] WWW Wednesdays – July 19th, 2017.

  1. Good luck holding back from starting your next read! I’m always tempted when a good book is on deck haha. Happy reading and thanks for participating in WWW Wednesday!

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  2. He leyendo “Things Fall Apart” de Chinua Achebe. Es una novela de Nigeria. Hasta ahora, es interesante….

    Oh and I’m speaking to you in Spanish because I saw your post on storitori’s blog and I want to practice my Spanish by using it more often… if that’s okay with you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg hi! Yes, it’s completely okay with me, you can practice as much as you want, I’ll try my best to help/correct anything! Also *screeching a little* you saw my post, I hope you enjoyed it!

      Also, it should be either:
      **He estado leyendo
      **Estoy leyendo
      El resto está perfecto 😀


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