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[Gaming] The Evil Within 2 hype!


Evil Within 2

Plot: Detective Sebastian Castellanos has lost it all. But when given a chance to save his the_evil_within_2_e3_02_legaldaughter, he must descend once more into the nightmarish world of STEM. Horrifying threats emerge from every corner as the world twists and warps around him. Will Sebastian face adversity ahead on with weapons and traps, or sneak through the shadows to survive.


Gameplay: Once again, we will be able to explore the horrible world of STEM and deal with nightmarish creatures that will not hesitate in ripping you apart. But thankfully,  we'll be able to fight them back with guns, traps, sneaking, running and hiding from these…disturbing creatures.

Reasons why I’m excited for it:

  • Sebastian Castellanos: I really enjoyed his character on what I managed to play of the first game and I can't wait to see more of it on this new installment. Can't wait to see how he will deal with going back to STEM and seeing all kinds of bizarre creatures again.the_evil_within_2_e3_05_legal
  • Setting: We’re going back to hellish STEM—even if this time it might be somehow different depending on this new story—and since we will be dealing with new nightmarish creatures, being back might be fun! I am excited and I can't wait to scream every second something pops up on my screen!
  • Plot: After watching the trailer and the gameplay I have so many questions about the plot of this game (but that's probably because I haven't finished the first game), but I am still excited for more trailers to be revealed and to know more about what Sebastian will deal with on this new installment.

Gameplay Footage: E3 2017 Gameplay Preview

Gameplay Trailer: E3 2017 Announce Trailer

Anyone else excited for Friday, October 13, 2017?

Thanks for passing by & reading! x



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