[Book Review] “Redemption” by S. Usher Evans!

34841884Title: Redemption (Demon Spring #3)
S. Usher Evans
Adult, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal. . .
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Synopsis: Jack has been taken to the Underworld by Bael. With no other options, Cam and Anya set off to Mexico City to tangle with the noxes, hoping to charm or fight their way into a second gateway to the demonic lands. But once there, Lotan, the son of the slain original nox demons, has different plans. He wants Bael dead, releasing the iron grip he has on both the human world and demon one–and Anya’s the only one with the power to do it. But does she have the will?

The final book in the Demon Spring trilogy takes readers deeper into the demonic Underworld and into Anya’s past.

Rating: ★★★★★

Fist of all: WOW! It took me longer than I expected to be able to sit down and put a post together! My blogging comeback, as you can see, was a total failure during this month, but no worries, I’m still hoping to be able to comeback ANYTIME before 2019 gets here! Now, do enjoy my better-late-than-never review for “Redemption”! 

If you think that Resurgence and Revival were good, just wait until you get your hands on this amazing conclusion to the Demon Spring Trilogy. The story that developed through this book was fun, intense and just plain awesome! Even though I suffered in some parts—especially with my boy Jack and his torture—I have to admit that I still loved this book, and I can easily name three reasons why: Colibrí, Polluelo and noxes! I really enjoyed seeing Colibrí and Cam meet and deal with each other after the ending of the last book. But what I enjoyed the most about it was the secrets we get to uncover about Bael and about Colibri’s past life as Bael’s Lady of Destruction (and the reasons behind that). There was action, blood, suspense and even a newfound romance in this last installment, which helped it become a great bloody ending for this series. I really loved every second of it—especially the ones Colibrí and Cam spent together fighting and the sacrifices they both made in order to save Jack.

As Bael’s schism in Atlanta closed after he took Jack with him, Camila and Colibri are on their way to Mexico City, searching for another way into the underwold; through the noxes. Once they reached Mexico City, they stayed at Cam’s grandma’s place and then they went to meet the noxes at their little palace. But honestly, the most important and fascinating settings were the ones in the underworld. Since Jack is trapped in Bael’s castle, we get to visit the treacherous place again, but besides that, we also get to visit the Nox lands, and make our way through them until we reach the Kappa territory, from where we part until we reach the lilin’s Castle; we basically travel through almost all of the underworld and seing how different, magnificent and dark things were all throughout it was great. We also got to visit the no-man’s-land from the underworld and boy was that intense. In the end, every place and we traveled through and visited was new, fresh and unique and they all served their purpose right.

Since this book is told from three POV’s, we get to meet quite a handful of old and new characters and enjoy them through different sets of eyes. We had Jack, Camila and Anya as the main characters, and then we get to meet again with Oce, Angela and Bael. Then we got to meet with the new ones such as: Lotan, Juana, Lazlo, Cerberus, Freyja, Izel and many more! They were all very enjoyable and I wish I could’ve known more and spent more time with them!

In the end, Redemption was a wonderful conclusion to the demon spring series and it was even better than I expected it to be. S. Usher Evans did a great job with this conclusion—as usual with her books—and I can’t wait for whatever she has in store for  us next!

Thanks for passing by & reading! x



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