[Book Review] “Dawn and Devilry” (Lexie Carrigan Chronicles #3) by S. Usher Evans!

32790385Title: Dawn and Devilry (Lexie Carrigan Chronicles #3)
S. Usher Evans
Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Romance, Magic, YA. . .

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Synopsis: Dawn and Devilry is the third book in the Lexie Carrigan Chronicles, and follows Gavon’s story in two parts.

In Part I, eighteen-year-old Gavon McKinnon has lived his entire life in the shadow of his fellow Warrior, Cyrus. Even his own mother, the formidable Guildmaster Alexandra, treats him like the spare he is. Until one day, Gavon makes a tear between the only world he’s ever known and a brand new one—and finds himself in 1989 Salem where he comes across a very pretty, and very reckless girl named Mora Carrigan.

And in Part II, twelve years have passed since Gavon arrived in Salem and Gavon and Mora are parents to a couple of precocious toddlers. But not everyone is happy that two magical children exist outside the strict Danvers Accords. And when Mora becomes pregnant with a third—this time a Warrior—Gavon begins to feel the pressure of balancing life in two worlds.

The story concludes with a present-day epilogue that sets the stage for Book 4, Illusion and Indemnity, the final book in the Lexie Carrigan Chronicles.

Rating: ★★★★★

Hi, everyone! Today I’m here to share my late-yet-better-than-never review for the third book in the Lexie Carrigan Chronicles—which was supposed to make its way out to you last year but I totally failed at that thanks to my wonderful classes! “Dawn and Devilry”, my friends, ended up being a big roller coaster of emotions and I loved every second of it. After the first two books in the Lexie Carrigan Chronicles I was dying to know more about Gavon, his story, and the world beyond the tear he created. And you bet I was sold the moment I saw that this book would finally give us many of the answers we’ve been craving for!

I loved how Evans lets us see not only Gavon and Mora’s story and how their relationship blossomed, but also Gavon’s life. I really enjoyed getting to know him as a young boy and the way he struggled in his daily life with Cyrus and his mother Alexandra as they trained for the position of Guildmaster. Another aspect I really enjoyed about his story was the way we see him trying to understand why he and his people are the enemy and why they’re so dangerous not only to Irene’s family and other magicians, but to everyone else on this new and fascinating world. And, as we all know, I loved how we’re able to meet and get to know Lexie’s mom and see how things were before little Lexie came to be—and Cyrus decided it would be cool to pay them a visit. And all I have to say about the relationship between Mora and Gavon is that it was…the sweetest thing ever…and they deserved better, okay? That’s it. I’m done. I’m not ready to re-open this wound!

As usual, Evans writing was great. It was easy to follow and that helped me get back on track with the Lexie world after all this time! I also loved the way she gets us into New Salem and lets us see how everything worked since the beginning and how they changed once Gavon started visiting and discovering the “real” world along with Mora. And since I’d been dying since book one to know more about this mysterious world beyond that enigma of a tear, I really enjoyed how New Salem was shown and how its progress was represented through the years as Gavon became an adult and started implementing actual food from the city and so on. Another thing I really enjoyed about the portrayal of this place is that it helps us understand Gavon’s dilemma re: closing the tear and leaving the people he grew up with behind, or keeping it open and helping them prosper.

Besides Gavon, we get to meet a handful of new characters like Alexandra, Uncle Ashley, members of the council of New Salem, and other characters that were willing to do anything for their warriors. Something I loved about these new characters is that most of them held powerful positions and were there to help Gavon grow and realize some things he was trying to ignore—like what his future in New Salem could be like if this or that happened and so on. But the good news is that we also get to reunite with some familiar characters from a different and closer perspective like: Mora, Irene, Cyrus, Jeanie, and even baby Nicole and Marie—which were adorable by the way! I found it really interesting to meet again with these characters from a different perspective and I believe it was a great way to remind us how some people change with time while others not so much—if you’ve read the series you might get an idea of who I’m talking about. 

In the end, “Dawn and Devilry” was a great and very needed addition to the Lexie Carrigan Chronicles that answers many questions yet brings forth a set of new ones after that wonderful present-time epilogue. Which, by the way, gives you a pretty good idea of just how interesting things are about to get in the final Lexie Carrigan book “Illusion and Indemnity”—which comes out next week and you should totally check out!

And that’s all for today! Have you gotten into the Lexie Carrigan Chronicles yet? If not, you really should! You can check my reviews for the first two books here: Spells and Sorcery & Magic and Mayhem! They’re fun and easy reads full of magic and pain—the good kind of pain!

Thanks for passing by & reading! X



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