[Gaming] Dishonored 2 Review!


Hello, everyone! And welcome back to my little gaming spot on this blog where I talk about the things I’ve played and the things I’m dying to play in the future. Today I’m here with a review for one of my most-anticipated games of 2016! I know, I know, I’m two years late but this review still counts as something because I love this series and I loved this game. Now, get ready for my non-spoilery rambling. Enjoy!

Summary: Dishonored 2 is an action-adventure stealth game developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesday Softworks. It is the sequel to Dishonored, also known as my favorite game of all times so far. It is set 15 years later when the witch Delilah dethrones Empress Emily Kaldwin and takes over Dunwall, making Emily or Corvo, depending on the character you choose to play as, run awake to this new setting called Karnaca in order to investigate and uncover secrets about Delilah and, eventually, take your throne back.

Things I loved about it:

  • Plot/Story: Once again, the Dishonored world brings to life another intense and engaging story of dishonor, revenge and black magic–depending on your choice since you now have the option to play the game without the Outsider’s powers. I really enjoyed the way the story develops throughout the game with every choice and action as you try to get back what’s yours by forming new alliances and uncovering all kinds of dark and twisted secrets of an unexpected usurper that has taken over the throne and Dunwall: Delilah Kaldwin, also known as Delilah Cooperspoon from The Knife of Dunwall and The Brightmore Witches DLC from the first game. Everything about this new story felt unique and even when we get to visit a new setting full of new and brilliant enemies, I loved how it kept feeling familiar to the first game.
  • Setting: Karnaka was a new big and interesting setting that I enjoyed more than I thought I would. I really loved how we were able to explore (and destroy and bring havoc to almost every inch of it. I also loved how depending on your choices, the city turned darker or brighter, giving it a familiarity to Dunwall. Another thing that kept that familiar feeling was the plague they had. While on Dunwall we had seen a rat-plague, on Karnaka there was a blood-fly plague making their streets and buildings more dangerous than they looked. And talking about Dunwall, I loved how we were able to run through some of its streets–even if it wasn’t much–and how we were able to explore around the royal palace and the tower of the empress through a bright moment at the beginning and then a darker one around the ending.
  • Characters: Every single new AND familiar character we got to meet through this game was great–depending on your choices. I loved how they were all unique and brilliantly mad, and the different ways you get to deal with them through high and low chaos.
    • Emily Kaldwin: I honestly loved this older version of Empress Emily Kaldwin and I can’t believe how much my baby grew and how strong she is. I really loved her through high and low chaos and I wish we could’ve known about her between the gaps of the first and the second game!
    • Corvo Attano: If there was something I loved about this game it was the fact that Corvo finally had a voice. And that voice, from my point of view, perfectly fit Corvo and made him feel more alive. I also loved his high-chaos ending, which I never would’ve thought possible but there it was and I wish we could’ve seen more of how that would’ve gone down. Guess I’ll have to look for a fic about that ha!
    • The Outsider: Even though the voice actor for the Outsider was changed, his character was still as good as ever. I loved him.
    • Delilah Kaldwin: After playing The Knife of Dunwall and The Brightmore Witches with Daud I thought like that would be the end of Delilah, but oh boy was I wrong. Seeing her wasn’t actually that shocking, it was quite exciting actually because I couldn’t wait to FIGHT HER AGAIN! And yes, I have a thing for boss fights, let me be. Anyway, her character was great and I loved the complex plan she worked through with her followers in order to make it out of where Daud sent her and back into the game to take over the throne.
    • Meagan Foster: This, just like Delilah, was a character I didn’t thought we’d get to see again yet here we are. I really loved how her character had changed and how she wanted to help now. I’m not saying who she was/really is though.
    • Paolo: If there was one character you had to go through to move on through the game that I loved it was definitely Paolo. Not because he was the leader of the gang called the Howlers, but because of that twisted thing he did to get powers from the Outsider. It was great and it really helped me realize how lots of things through the game were connected to the first game.
    • Duke Luca Abele: Duke Luca Abele is that character you only enjoy getting rid of during high chaos because he’s just unbearable.
    • Aramis Stilton: The only reason Aramis made it into this list is because the mission/level we get to play on the ruins of what once was his mansion was great! I mean, time travel!? It was just freaking amazing to go back in time and see how things were before Aramis lost his mind.
  • Plot-twists: Every single plot-twist was great, especially the one around the end of the game. As usual, I won’t talk about it, but it’s really good, you guys!

Things I hated about it:

  • The bugs and technical difficulties.

In the end, I loved Dishonored 2 just as much as the first one. Even if they story didn’t feel as personal and powerful as the one from the first game, I got to enjoy every second of it and every character we get to meet and re-meet through it. I believe this was a great sequel because it was strongly connected to the first game and the DLC’s and now I can’t wait to continue and finish this series with Dishonored: Death of the Outsider!

What are your thoughts about this game? Did you enjoy it or did you feel like there was something missing? If you’re new to this series and you love stealth games, you should definitely check it out!

Thanks for passing by & reading! x



3 thoughts on “[Gaming] Dishonored 2 Review!

    • I totally get that you’ve not heard about this game/series. I discovered it in 2015 three years after it was released and right on time for the teaser for this sequel the next year! And I totally feel you in getting obsessive over your favorite series, it’s inevitable and yeah, branching out is scary yet pretty fun! Thanks for passing by!


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