[Gaming] Outlast 2 Review!


Summary: Outlast 2 is a survival horror game developed and published by Red Barrels. It is the sequel to Outlast–the first game I ever reviewed and my favorite horror game so far–and here we follow the story of a new character, Blake Langermann, as he travels with his wife Lynn into the Arizona desert to further investigate the unbelievable murder of a pregnant woman called Jane Doe. This investigation will lead Blake and his wife deep into the Arizona desert where they’ll find things that will definitely test their sanity.

Things I loved about it:

  • Plot/Story: The story that came to life through this game was f-ed up, intense and confusing, but once you get into it–without dying of a heart attack–there’s no going back. What I enjoyed the most about it was that things were way more extreme and darker than the ones from the previous game. And even though the game is confusing, once you start connecting dots about the characters and pay attention to what they say, you’ll get to understand things and, by the end of the game, you’ll be either more confused or amazed–or both like me.
  • Setting: The setting of this game was bigger, better and scarier than Mount Massive Asylum. I mean, you’re stuck in the middle of a desert and then you come across this village in the middle of nowhere and once you start walking around the houses and see dead animals with their insides out, the villagers creepin’ on you…and the babies…you’ll start having nightmares. But that’s only the beginning. And believe me, it does get worse. Through the game we also get to visit a chapel, a mine, a school and just run through the desert while trying to survive and know this, you will probably have nightmares and hate cornfields after this game.
  • Characters: Since this game is connected but doesn’t follow the same story as the first game, we get to meet a set of new characters that are brutal.
    • Blake Langermann: I really enjoyed how he goes through hell to look for his wife and tries to save her from the people that took her away from him. Also, we get to see bits from his past and what happened to him, which shows you how his life has been anything but easy.
    • Lynn Langermann: I’m still quite traumatized with her character because one: she gets kidnapped by these random cultists and two: *spoiler* she becomes nine months pregnant with a random baby in the blink of an eye because of the cultists and wow, was that wild. *spoiler*
    • Marta: Remember Little Pic from the first Outlast? Then, let me introduce you to his successor, my dear friend Marta. I really, really hated her throughout the game because she’s always behind you and that bitch IS FAST! But in the end, even if she made me fear for my life 24/7, I ended up loving her character because she reminded me A LOT of Little Pig, giving the game the familiar Outlast-y feeling.
    • Sullivan Knoth: This guy, humans of earth, is the leader of the famous cult of Testament of the New Ezekiel that stalks you and tries to kill you throughout the whole game. His character is rarely seen through the game, but when he finally does and you get to hear his dialogue, it is more than enough. He did horrible and disgusting things to “his people”, and that is all I’ll say in order not to spoil anything about the ending or the story line of the game.
    • Val: While Sullivan was trying to prevent pregnant women from giving birth, Val was anything but against it. She wanted pregnant woman to have their babies and this mess only made the game more and more interesting. This character was quite traumatizing and disgusting, but that’s exactly why I know it was quite well done. Also, all the notes you find around the game about her life are very, very interesting and…they explain a lot of stuff of why she is the way she is.
  • Plot-Twists: As usual, the plot-twists we get to see through this game are weird and quite traumatizing, but also amazing, as they explain stuff you weren’t expecting AND they make the game all the more terrifying.

Things I hated about it:

  • I think nothing.

Overall, Outlast 2 was a better, bigger and scarier experience than Outlast. I loved every second of it–even if the ending was quite confusing–and I really enjoyed how they connected both stories through the comics. If you’re looking for a scary game to make you scream and jump like crazy, look no more! Outlast 2 is the one for you!

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