[Manga] June Wrap Up!

Hi, humans! We’re back with another manga wrap up and this one is the best so far! I’m finally “back on track” with manga and oh God, I read more volumes than I thought I would and I found more than one new series to obsess over! That’s why today I might be way too happy to share this one, enjoy!

1. Hellsing (Volume 1) by Kohta Hirano

One of my friends told me more than once that I should watch this anime, and one random day after losing all the manga I had saved in an app, I found this and thought: “Well, I guess I’ll finally give it a try.”. I added it, I read the first volume and I finally understand why my friend stalked me so much with this. . .it’s soo good and funny! I totally loved this! The characters were great, the art was good and the story so far is pretty interesting. Vampires + Vampire Hunters = this and it’s great!




2. Akumetsu (Volume 1) by Yoshiaki Tabata


This, ladies and gentleman, is the new series I’m obsessing over right now! I found this one too after losing all the manga I’d saved in an app and oh God, I was sad at first about it, but after finding this gem I’m 99.9% glad it happened! I loved everything about this first volume; the art, the story telling, the characters! It all worked perfectly well as an introduction to “Akumetsu” , this vigilante guy who literally fights (and kills) to rid japan of the corrupted evil that is causing the downfall of their economy!





3. High School of the Dead (Volume #2) by Daisuke Sato and Shouji Sato


Remember when I started this series and didn’t enjoy that first volume as much as I expected? This time, the case was different. I totally enjoyed this volume; everything was better! But what I  enjoyed the most was the intensity, how we were able to see how quick things were going down, that we were able to meet a new and key character, and that we were able to see what was happening around the city thanks to the zombies! In the end, this was great and I’m pretty sure the next one will be even better.

Rating: ★★★★★




4. Akumetsu (Volume 2) by Yoshiaki Tabata


When I said I was obsessing over this series I didn’t lie. This volume was so much fun and action-packed. I think this is where the confusion starts to grow, the funny thing is that you don’t wonder “who is Akumetsu?”, all you wonder is: HOW? after the ending of the first volume.






5. Akumetsu (Volume 3) by Yoshiaki Tabata


From this one on, everything just gets more and more intense. Akumetsu keeps targeting and eliminating the “evil” that’s corrupting japan’s economy, and Shiina, part of our main characters, might actually finally understand what Akumetsu is capable of and willing to do.






6. Akumetsu (Volume 4) by Yoshiaki Tabata


This volume was plain great! I think (since I binge read this) that this is where Akumetsu gets to explain how he is and works as Akumetsu. And you know, now I can’t wait to see what happens next and how this ability to be Akumetsu works!






7. Tokyo Ghoul:re (Volume 7) by Sui Ishida


I have one word to describe this volume: intense.

Ishida Sui never fails to amaze me.

That’s all.






8. Gangsta:Cursed.:EP_Marco Adriano (Volume 1) by Kohske


This, ladies and gentlemen, is a spinoff series of the “Gangsta” manga based on younger years of the life of Marco Adriano, also known as: his years as a hunter. When and how it all began! I don’t know how to express myself about this wonderful first volume besides mentioning the fact that it has left its mark on my soul and that I am still not over it. I loved to see how Marco, after some encounters with tags/twilights started realizing something. Something very, very different from what he’d been taught.

Rating:★★★★★ (if I could give this more I would)



9. Akumetsu (Volume 5) by Yoshiaki Tabata


What can I say? I’m in love with this manga and there’s no denying it! And this was another amazing volume! Here we get to see the influence Akumetsu is starting to have on the people around the city and how they all now “want to fight evil like him”. The funny thing here is that they actually get to “catch” him (the person that sits behind the mask), but it looks like they’re wrong and have no way to prove it. But I wonder, will this be good, or bad? Can’t wait to continue!





And that’s it for this wrap-up! I think June has been the longest wrap-up, and obviously one of the best! Let’s see how it goes for me in July! Hopefully, it might be longer than this one! 😀

Thanks for passing by & checking this wonderful manga wrap-up out! x