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[Manga] June Wrap-Up!

Last month I didn’t do a manga wrap-up because I didn’t read ANYTHING! Nothing. Nada. Cero. Maybe it was because I was too busy with my finals or because I haven’t found a new manga to binge read, but whatever the cause was, it sucked. I need my mangas to come back from hiatus and to… Continue reading [Manga] June Wrap-Up!

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[Manga] February Wrap-Up!

Hi, guys! Welcome back to another post! Sorry for going MIA for a whole month, University started and I’ve been busy being stressed and haven’t been able to read much! But worry not, I’ve got a little surprise for you guys coming soon (next week)! Anyway, I’m here today to share with you guys the… Continue reading [Manga] February Wrap-Up!

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[Manga] January Wrap-Up!

Hello, hello, people of earth! Today I’m here with my smol little manga wrap-up from January! By the looks of it, I’m pretty sure you all can tell that I did not have a good reading month—with anything. Anyway, let’s just hope February turns out to be a better reading month, okay? Enjoy! Bungou Stray… Continue reading [Manga] January Wrap-Up!