[Manga] June Wrap-Up!

Last month I didn’t do a manga wrap-up because I didn’t read ANYTHING! Nothing. Nada. Cero. Maybe it was because I was too busy with my finals or because I haven’t found a new manga to binge read, but whatever the cause was, it sucked. I need my mangas to come back from hiatus and to […]

[Manga] April Wrap-Up!

  Hello, everyone! I’m back from my little hiatus and today I’m here to share with you guys my small and depressing manga wrap up for April! This was a horrible and frustrating month so I didn’t actually got much reading done, all I read was: a book, a manga volume and Blood Bank…and Blood […]

[Manga] March Wrap-Up!

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to another really small manga wrap-up! I haven’t really been reading any manga lately (just re-reading old ones), so this wrap-up isn’t as long or as big as I hoped it would be. I’m so sad that almost all the manga I’m currently reading and loving are on a hiatus so, […]

[Manga] December Wrap-Up!

Hello, yes, I may/may have not forgotten about doing this manga wrap up…until now. Remember how on my last wrap-up I was starting Bungou Stray Dogs? Yeah? Well in this one all I practically do is get up-to-date with it so bear with me, okay? Anyway, enjoy! Shingeki No Kyojin (Volume 21) by Hajime Isayama […]