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[Gaming] Outlast 2 hype!

Hello, everyone! I'm finally back from my little hiatus, and instead of talking about books, today I'll be talking about a game I'm really, really excited about: Outlast II. Around this time last year, I bought the first game of this horror-survival series called Outlast. It totally scared the shit out of me with its jump scares… Continue reading [Gaming] Outlast 2 hype!

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[Gaming] Outlast: Whistleblower Review!

Hello, readers! Today I'm here with a random game review about Outlast: Whistleblower because I loved it and, why not? Now, for those of you wondering what this Outlast: Whistleblower thing is, well, like I did on my Outlast review (which is the game that goes before this one), I'll let you guys a small summary about it around here and then… Continue reading [Gaming] Outlast: Whistleblower Review!

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[Gaming] Outlast Review

Hello there, readers! Today I am here with another one of my random posts that have nothing to do with books! Last time, I exploded about the best night of my life aka the Imagine Dragons concert I went to last month, and today I'm here with something totally different. Today I'm here to explode about this survival-horror game I recently bought and finished called: OUTLAST. Which is… Continue reading [Gaming] Outlast Review