Review Policy (r/closed)

Hello there and welcome to my little review policy page! I’m currently not accepting review copies, but as soon as I’m free and not-so-stressed I will come back and let you all know.

Acceptable genres:

  • Teens & YA
  • Sci-Fi
  • Horror
  • Mystery & Thrillers
  • New Adult
  • Psychological
  • Historical Fiction
  • SUPERNATURAL/PARANORMAL (romance or not)
Not acceptable genres:
  • Erotica (as in main genre)
  • Romance (as in main genre)
  • Contemporary (as in main genre)
  • Non-fiction
  • Memoirs
  • Poetry
Book formats that I’d appreciate and enjoy:
  • Kindle Ed.
  • Ebooks
  • Physical ARC
  • Finished editions
Book formats I don’t enjoy:
  • Audiobooks
  • PDF’s (if you send me your book as a pdf, expect me to drop it in like a day or two. I just can’t read in the pdf format, sorry)
Yes, I accept:
  •  Indie books, but only if I’m interested in its content.
Where to contact?
  • If you’d like to contact me and see if I’d be interested in giving your book a try, you can email me at: leevereads (at) gmail (dot) com! I will reply if I’m interested. If not, your email will probably get lost but I might check it out later, who knows. 
If I get to accept your request:
  • You should expect a review in around a month and a half, depending on when I get to read your book.
  • My review will include the main info of the book, links to buy, my rating and honest thoughts.
  • If I loved your book, you’ll probably find me going all over you with love.

Rating system:

★★★★★ – I loved your book and I will recommend it until the end of times.
★★★★★ – I really, REALLY liked and enjoyed your book, but something was missing.
★★★★★ – Book was good, but there quite a few things that were off.
★★★★★ – More than a few things were off, but there must’ve been at least one thing that I enjoyed.
★★★★ – I feel like I wasted my time and energy.

Here is my to-read list from goodreads, make sure to check it out and see if your book (or one of your books) is on it!
If you’d like to know anything else, feel free to send me an email! x